Little Stage . . . Big Shows, Big Fun, Big Heart!


The Young Actors' School at


Draper Historic Theater


- Taught by qualified theatrical artists.
- Engaging and valuable curriculum aligned to state academic standards.
- Small class sizes, up to 10 students.
- Solid theatre fundamentals.
- Exciting fundamentals: Focusing, Beginning Acting Skills, Believability, Emotions and Impovisation Skills!
- A quality program you can trust!
- Skills and learning that you can see!
- $10 per class

The Young Actors' School uses the theatrical arts to teach vital communication, presentation, performance, and creative skills to young people. The emergence of digital media as a primary communication form in the 21st century promises that today's youth will be required to interact with performances of all types as actors, directors, and audience members more than ever before. The Young Actors' School stands to be a guiding force in the lives of young people as they develop the skills they will need to prosper in our evolving society.


Program Descriptions


Dramatic Youngsters

Ages 5-12
Every Friday
2:15pm - 3:05pm
$10 per class

Students will explore the fundamentals of Acting, Actions and Pantomime. Students will learn valuable skills as they work together while they learn basic acting skills, communication, and stage presence on the DHT stage.




Dramatic Explorers

Ages 12-16
To Be Determined
$15 per Session

Students will learn the advanced acting fundamentals of choices, goals, and monologues.This is a perfect program for children who are excited about performing, and are looking for an active setting to make new friends and have a ton of fun.


Dramatic Prodigies

Ages 16 +
To Be Determined

Students will learn the fundamentals of dramatic performance skills, and will specialize in two of the following exciting areas: Auditioning, Musical Theatre, Character Creation, and a thrilling Performance of a musical! Whether your student is looking for a rigorous acting class, or just a unique and unforgettable production experience, this program has something for everyone!

Please download the registration form for school policies, including:
- Tuition deadlines and late fees,
- Scholarship application process,
- Classroom management plan,
- Program Head Bio

Please note: The Classes taught here are non-linear, so that mean you can miss a class here and there and not be completley lost. Come and go as you need to!


Auditions Skills

Ages 5-99
To Be Determined
$15 per class

Students will explore the fundamentals of creating an Audition portfolio. Students will learn important techniques including:

  • song choice,
  • monologue choice,
  • posture,
  • dealing with stage fright,
  • creating a resume,
  • confidence building and practice
  • call back tips and skills



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