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We would like YOU to be part of the DHT team. It is our goal to have a strong volunteer base so that everyone can have a responsibility at DHT that he/she can embrace, enjoy, and fit into a busy schedule. A strong volunteer force will provide opportunities for the many that walk through the doors of the theater for years to come.

Please mark below all the areas in which you would be interested. Training is provided, as needed. DHT does six shows a year. Volunteers can help with one or many shows a year based on availability.

Artistic Committee

Assistant Executive Producer
Description: Work with Executive Producer to manage the production calendar and work with producers of the shows to make sure theater resources are utilized and communication is effective.
Costume Manager
Description: Organizes costume inventory, checks costumes in and out for productions, assists Costume Designer to pull costumes from inventory, helps develop a costume committee.
Set/Props/Drop Manager
Description: Organizes props, drops, and set pieces; checks props, drops, and set pieces in and out for productions; assists the set and props designers from show in utilizing theater inventories; helps develop a prop/set committee.
Volunteer Coordinator
Description: Assists Artistic Committee and production teams in utilizing volunteers; surveys cast for volunteers for standing committees; supervises "thank you" activities and acknowledgements.
Set Construction and Painting
Description: Pool of capable carpenters and painters who could help construct and paint sets when help is needed.

Production Teams

Description: Manages and coordinates the logistics of the production, facilitates communication between theater, production team, and cast.
Description: Gives direction and vision to whole production and production team, responsible for the blocking and coordinating with vocal director and choreographer, coordinates with designers on all design elements; stipend.
Vocal Director
Description: Responsible for all vocal rehearsals and assisting director during run thru's to make sure vocals are of good quality; works with music editor on minus track and cuts; modest stipend.
Description: Responsible for dance numbers in show, assists director during run thrus to make sure dance numbers are clean; help with transitions; involved with shows during run to ensure a quality show; modest stipend.
Stage Manager/Production Assistant
Description: Director’s right-hand, manages cast, tracks blocking, runs backstage during performances; good position to fill if directing at DHT is a goal; greatly enhances a resume; modest stipend.

Theater Management

General Manager
Description: Manages the box office, concessions and theater maintenance; paid position. Light weekly responsibilities during dark times, significant time involvement during show weeks.
Box Office Manager
Description: Manages the box office, arranges for personnel on performance nights, processes web orders.
Description: Run will call, take tickets, hand out programs, seat patrons.
Custodial Services
Description: Maintains the cleanliness of the building, paid position. Light duties during dark times, clean of building 3 times per week during show times.
General Repairs
Description: Pool of skilled persons who assess what needs to be done to maintain various aspects of our facility such as electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling maintenance; make minor repairs if needed.


Fundraising: Events
Description: Coordinate and arrange fundraising and theater events for Draper Days, 5K, Fall Festival, etc.
Fundraising: Secretary
Description: Build a database of businesses and donors; track correspondence, thank you's, etc. Up to 2-4 hours per week during heavy fundraising times.
Fundraising: Researchers
Description: Research and investigate corporations and potential donors. Maintain files on mission statements, goals, board members, giving history. Track grant deadlines. Work closely with fundraising chair.


Media Advertising Coordinator
Description: Gets press releases to daily and monthly publications and websites.
Graphic Designer
Description: Design posters, handbills, program covers, jpg emailable coupons, print ads, etc.
Webmaster/Assistant Webmaster
Description: Design, update and maintain the website. Collect and maintain a database with patrons and cast contact info.

Theater School

Acting School Coordinator
Description: Take care of the non-teach details of the acting school.
Acting School Teachers
Description: Teach participants of the acting school in a particular discipline – acting, singing, dancing.
Was it not on the list? If so, tell us. Please also include any special abilities, qualifications, or resources you have:

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